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Eleven Labs
ElevenLabs - Natural AI Voice Generator
Eleven Labs
Generate lifelike AI voices from text with ElevenLabs. Perfect for videos, audiobooks, and more. Supports 29 languages and offers voice cloning.
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Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs

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Convert text to natural and realistic high-quality speech audio in 29 languages

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ElevenLabs offers an AI voice generator that converts text into natural, high-quality spoken audio in multiple languages. Ideal for content creators, developers, and businesses, it supports various applications like videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and gaming. With features such as voice cloning, emotion mapping, and precise control over timing and translation, you can create unique voices and captivating audio experiences. The user-friendly interface and flexible plans make it accessible for both personal and professional use, ensuring realistic intonation and nuanced speech.

Key features

  • Natural text-to-speech conversion
  • Supports 29 languages and multiple accents
  • Voice cloning and customization
  • Emotion mapping for realistic intonation
  • Precise control over timing and translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and gaming
  • Flexible pricing plans including a free tier

We have tested this tool and you can see an example of the result of video made with Eleven Labs' AI voice tool and Hedra's image-to-video tool.

  • Free
    This AI tool has a free subscription that you can use at no cost
  • No Trial
    This AI tool does not have a paid subscription trial period
  • Price
    $4.1–330 / month
This tool is offered at a monthly price, which includes credits/tokens. It is possible that additional credits/tokens can be purchased individually.
Eleven Labs
Eleven Labs reviews

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Overraskende realistiske stemmer
Jeg har brugt Eleven Labs til forskellige hobbyprojekter, herunder et computerspil, som jeg formåede at gøre fully-voiced, samt til diverse youtube-videoer. Platformen er utrolig nem at arbejde med, og selvom jeg primært har brugt den til engelske projekter, prøvede jeg for sjov at bruge danske stemmer, og de lød lige så realistiske. Derudover introducerer de løbende nye funktioner og features, hvilket altid er spændende at udforske. Jeg kan varmt anbefale eleven labs til alle typer projekter, både til hobby og professionelt brug 👍
Fedt værktøj
Har brugt dette en del, kan anbefale det!
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Eleven Labs
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Eleven Labs
ElevenLabs - Natural AI Voice Generator
Generate lifelike AI voices from text with ElevenLabs. Perfect for videos, audiobooks, and more. Supports 29 languages and offers voice cloning.
Eleven Labs
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